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Price list

Bucureşti Iaşi 60 RON
Iaşi Bucureşti 60 RON
Bucureşti Comăneşti 42 RON
Comăneşti Bucureşti 42 RON
Bucureşti Bacău 44 RON
Bacău Bucureşti 44 RON
Bucureşti Onesti 40 RON
Oneşti Bucureşti 40 RON
Iaşi Bacău 24 RON
Bacău Iaşi 24 RON
Bacău Comăneşti 9 RON
Comăneşti Bacău 9 RON
Oneşti Bacău 9 RON
Bacău Oneşti 9 RON
Moineşti Bacău 8 RON
Bacău Moineşti 8 RON
Adjud Bacău 10 RON
Bacău Adjud 10 RON
*All prices include TVA!

Limba romana English

arrow     Students will pay 54 RON for a ticket to travel on the route Iasi-Bucharest or Bucharest-Iasi.

arrow     The price for a round trip ticket, on the route Iasi-Bucharest, is 100 RON for all passengers.

arrow     Only 70 RON for a round trip ticket, on route Bacau-Bucharest for all passengers.

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